Great technology ‘electricity’

Great technology ‘electricity’

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Do you love electrical things to use? Which things do you like most to operate by electricity? Well, every invention has some specification and those inventions have some coordinator also by which the devices work like if we talk about your electric fan so this fan is based on the connection between the coil of the fan which is fitted inside the fan and the electricity so whenever electricity supply is given to the fan, digital signage malaysia and the fan will be start rotation 


As same as this if we talk about your mobile phone, in your mobile phone if you charge it with the electricity in a rotation of time then it will work otherwise your mobile phone will be dead so it is also depended upon the electricity, so it proves that electricity is very useful for us.

So in this topic, we are going to read about the greatest invention of the word ‘electricity’ so I will request you to stay with us till the end


What do you mean by electricity?

Now there is no doubt that electricity is very important for us but if we talk about the dependence of electricity on other types of equipment then it is hard to tell that the production of electricity depends on others equipment

 The electricity is a kind of force which is very dangerous. The electricity produces heat which is very useful for us because it contains the ions which make it very dangerous


Types of electricity

There are two types of ions are available the positive ions and second the negative ions due to these ions the electricity is being defined. If we talk about the types of electricity then there are two types of electricity is available which are defined in the unit of voltages. So the first type of electric current is the alternating current and the second type of electricity is direct current

  • Alternating current: – the alternating current is a kind of way in which the electricity flows in the form of oscillation like the pulses that is why this kind of current is very powerful and dangerous. This kind of current produces an electric field
  • Direct current: – this kind of current is also used in the appliances but it does not have the vibration form, it has the flow of current is just like a straight line and it is less harmful than the AC


Uses of electricity

The world is now running with the help of electricity, whatever you see in this world that devices depend upon the electricity and that is why electricity supplier needs to provide a very large quantity of electricity flow to their consumers

  • Use in the electric devices
  • Used in transportation like trains
  • Used at everywhere for making a bright world with the light help of light equipment like the bulb, led and many more types
  • Used in the electric high-speed cars which are very necessary for everyone for the traveling  


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